Friction Bailey

Songs on their album The Silent Night have over 1 million combined plays on Spotifyspotify icon
Their latest release was a one off recording of of a song by the Innocence Mission called Snow.

The Discography
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Friction Bailey is/was husband/wife duo Steven and Joy Guiles. 
Formed in the late 90s, they now occasionally release a song or two every other decade. 
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Friction Bailey has most often been compared to The Innocence Mission and The Sundays,
but also share a deep love of Sufjan Stevens
Their Christmas album, The Silent Night, is award winning and extremely popular on SpotifyAmazoniTunesBandcamp.
One guy said some really nice things.

"Subtle and sublime, Friction Bailey's seasonal album should serve as a piece of education to the mass-produced and canned Christmas music we're fed every single year. With haunting and beautiful lyricism and the sparse but impactful thread of instrumentation, this is a disc to spin not only over the holidays but any time you need a reminder just how beautiful life can be." -Jason O'Brien

Steven still makes music almost everyday.  Sometimes as Dove Pilot